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Planetary Gearboxes consists of three major components:

  • Sun gear
  • Planet gear
  • Ring gear

The sun gear is meshed around with the planet gears, which in turn are meshed with ring gear. Planet gears are connected to each other by a carrier, which helps them to rotate around the sun gear

Advantages of Planetary system over helical gearbox:

  • They are compact and take less space and are light weight, as the load is shared between the planet gears.
  • The noise and vibration is reduced as the load is shared. This also increases efficiency
  • Since the shafts are inline and concentric, bending moment is absent.
  • The manufacturing of these components is relatively cheaper due to smaller size as compared to parallel axis gearboxes.


  • The gear system is complex and needs precision manufacturing
  • Teeth ratios are specific and assemble is according to them.
  • Calculations of efficiency are a bit difficult.

Planetary Gearboxes are what we manufacture, provide, and export out of Maharashtra, India. Planetary gearboxes play a key role in a wide range of industrial applications, such as robotics, machinery, and the automotive, aerospace, and transportation sectors. They have various advantages over other types of gearboxes, including high torque capacity, compact size, low noise, and efficiency. A prominent producer and exporter of planetary gearboxes in India, Kavitsu Gear Industry provides a variety of gears for numerous industries.

With more than three decades of experience manufacturing gearboxes, Kavitsu Gear Industry has built a solid reputation for dependability and quality. The business has cutting-edge production facilities that employ the newest tools and technology to create high-quality planetary gearboxes that adhere to international standards. Each gearbox is built and tested to match customer requirements and standards thanks to the company's skilled engineers and technicians.

The modular architecture of the planetary gearboxes produced by the Kavitsu Gear Industry is one of their primary characteristics. Because of their simple customization and adaptability to particular applications, they are appropriate for a variety of sectors. The firm provides a variety of planetary gears with different ratios and torque capacities, including inline, right-angle, and multiple-stage versions. As a result, buyers may be sure to locate a gearbox that meets their demands and specifications.

Planetary gearboxes from Kavitsu Gear Industry are built to last and be reliable thanks to the use of premium materials like hardened steel. To make sure they live up to the company's exacting requirements for performance and quality, the gearboxes go through stringent testing and inspection. Additionally, the business provides a variety of customization choices, such as various mounting configurations, output shafts, and lubrication setups.

Kavitsu Gear Industry produces planetary gearboxes and also provides maintenance and repair services for its goods. The business employs skilled experts who can swiftly and effectively identify and fix any gearbox problems. By doing this, customers may reduce downtime and maintain the efficiency of their operations.

Planetary gearboxes are manufactured by Kavitsu Gear Industry and sold to customers all over the world. They are used in several industries, such asĀ robotics, aerospace, and automotive. The business places a high priority on client happiness and makes sure that each client receives individualized care and support. Its items are reasonably priced and provide excellent value.

In conclusion, Kavitsu Gear Industry is a well-known producer and exporter of planetary gearboxes in India, providing top-notch goods that satisfy international requirements. The organization is a popular alternative for clients in a variety of industries thanks to its modular architecture, customization possibilities, and emphasis on quality and dependability. Kavitsu Gear Industry has a gearbox solution that will satisfy your needs and specifications, whether you need one for robotics, automotive, aerospace, or industry applications.

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